My books

TPIC covernewTurning Points in Compassion

Edited by Gypsy Wulff and Fran Chambers

“A powerful narrative…makes a compelling case.” -Dr Shannon Brincat, Research Fellow, Griffith University.

This inspirational collection of personal stories from many of the most eloquent, passionate and intellectually progressive voices in today’s growing Animal Rights movement challenges widespread perceptions of our relationship with animals and ourselves.

With a powerful blend of compassion and honesty, the writers share pivotal moments that awakened them to a life-changing awareness. With open eyes, hearts and minds, they describe their entry to a new world of compassionate living and understanding that will touch the hearts of people everywhere. No readers will be left unchallenged by this book.

“A remarkable, inspirational exploration of plant-based eating.”-G.A. Bradshaw PhD, Founder and Director, The Kerulos Center.

All profits from sales are donated to animal sanctuaries and rescue groups.



The I Love Animals Series of Humane Education Books for Children


I Love Animals!

Written by Gypsy Wulff  Illustrated by Ryan Jones

The world is full of wonderful animals for young children to love, appreciate and care for…

Great Uncle Edgar and the Lady With the Hat

Written by Gypsy Wulff  Illustrated by Ryan Jones

Pigs like to sleep in the hay… They like to roll in the mud…They like to eat apples… They don’t like to be breakfast… They don’t like to be lunch… They don’t like to be dinner… How can Uncle Edgar and the Lady in the Hat wake up the sleeping hearts so they know pigs just want to be free?

 There’s a Polar Bear in the Fridge!

Written by Gypsy Wulff  Illustrated by Ryan Jones

Polar bears are supposed to live where there is plenty of ice and snow. Why would a particularly grumpy one be living in a fridge in the city?
Find out in this rhyming storybook with a special message about how we can minimise the impact of human behaviour on animal habitats.

Buy the I Love Animals series of picture books and activity books here.


3 thoughts on “My books

  1. What enlightened, inspiring books – an asset to the earth and all of it’s inhabitants!
    It creates profound joy to see such mindful works being produced – a welcomed relief from
    the computerised, meaningless, mass produced literary works circulating the net at present
    Thoroughly recommended and deeply appreciated :)!


    • Thank you for your affirming comments Jeanette, they are deeply appreciated. We do need to move in a new direction, one in which all will benefit. My hope is that these books will awaken minds and hearts to that possibility. Thank you so much for visiting my site.


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