Great Uncle Edgar and the Lady WIth the Hat.

It’s strange how things happen.

I began writing Great Uncle Edgar and the Lady With the Hat as a fundraiser for Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary in Victoria, Australia.  I had no idea it would lead to a long term writing experience.

Pam Ahern (aka, The Lady With the Hat) founded Edgar’s Mission and named it after her first rescued pig, Edgar.  He was a gentle boy who died just before his 7th birthday but his legacy lives on in the amazing work being done at the animal sanctuary.

It was easy for me to resonate with the deep bond Pam had with Edgar.  Having  had my own experience with Pepe,  I knew just how deep the love between a human and another species could go.  It’s that bond that feeds the desire in many of us to reach out through writing or advocacy of some kind to share the message of compassion with others who understand that bond.   Great Uncle Edgar is really a message about how life will change for pigs  (and many other farm animals) once humans are able to connect with the sentient nature of their beings.  Adults who have become disconnected from the face on their plates often take longer, but children instinctively understand their connection with animals.

It’s the children who teach the adults in this story.  In the deepest sense it’s symbolic of the child within Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.29.07 pmus trying to reach through our adult conditioning and return us to a place of gentle co-existence with the fellow beings on our planet.

I would love to hear the stories of others who’ve had such relationships.

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